mobile applications

Death Mission: Mobile Shooting Game

Death Mission is the 3D mobile game for iPhone and Android, providing adventure and thrill for the player. The main game character is the special forces soldier held captive by the enemy. The mission is to escape, free the hostages and secure the LZ for evacuation.

The game has short range, middle range and long range shooting levels, facing different enemies in diverse environments. Handguns, automatic guns and snipers are some of the weapons available to player to pass all game levels.

Application is scheduled for release in May 2015. More about the game at deathmission.com

Appliance Help: Household Appliances Diagnostics and Repair


Appliance Help is iPhone and Android application that helps you diagnose the faults on your household appliance. The app contains selection of over 1800 error and fault codes for different types of appliances – washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dryers, dish washers, etc.

      Main application features include:
      • Selection of appliance based on the vendor and appliance model
      • Error codes overview for each selected model
      • Description of diagnostic and repair steps
      • Detailed flow charts or additional images for some of the models
      • Search through error codes database
      • Contact form with the application owner

Application is available for iPhone and Android.

Install application from AppStore.

Install application from GooglePlay.

VIPFanAuctions: Application for on-line auction company

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Application enables potential customers and buyers to have up to date information about current auctions and auction items.

      Main application features include:
      • Catalogue of all active television and movie which can be seen collectively or by show or movie
      • On line update of current auction prices
      • History and watch list views
      • Blog reader for VIP’s television and movie blog
      • Search through auction items
      • Works in off-line mode
      • Reminders for the items on the watch list
      • Access to main sales portal on eBay
      • Ability to share auction listings and blog content to various social networks or via email

Application is available for iPhone and iPad.

Install application on AppStore.

Ski Info mobile application

Ski Info application for Android was developed to satisfy increasing demand for mobile-ready information at mountain resort hosting 200.000 tourists annualy.

      Main application features include:
      • Real time information about open ski lifts and slopes
      • Ski map integrated with Google maps
      • Current weather and weather forecast
      • Access to web cams
      • Information about hotels, restaurants, clubs, ski rentals, ski instructors, etc.
      • News feed with info about current promotions, events, etc
      • GPS locator in case of emergency