Mobile Applications

tablet_user-1The mobile Internet and smart phones have changed the way we work and communicate. The mobile wave is getting bigger and stronger – the number of smartphone users is estimated to be 1 billion worldwide. Ineo is helping you catch and ride the wave.

We are developing iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile applications that fit your business needs. Right from the start, our team is working with you to map your business requirements to the features and functionalities of the mobile application. We are not only programmers, but your trustful advisers in the mobile world. More about our work in Portfolio section.

We are ready to answer all of your questions and provide you with the quote.

how do we do it?

Blue_eyesThe Start

It usually starts with idea, blurry view of the future mobile application. You know that you need one, but questions arise – what the content should be, how to define important functionalities, what the design should look like, what are the target devices….

Ineo can help you define functional specification for your mobile application and guide you through the preparation phase. We discuss with you about business needs and requirements and map them to the technical specification for the application. At the end of this phase, you will have clear view about functionalities and design of the application.

Once the functional specification is defined, the stage is set to begin the development.

brainstormingThe Development

At the beginning, we agree with the client about project plan, milestones and project deliverables. The plan is then executed by our project managers, visual designers, developers and testers. We provide regular feedback to the client about current status of the project and interact with client’s team if needed.

Our testing team is checking in parallel the application parts already finished. Once all the application parts are developed, the final testing of the application is performed and the application is ready for the production.


The support

We support the application throughout the application life cycle.

In warranty period we will take care that application runs smoothly and provide necessary bug fixes.

As the technology, operating systems and devices change or there is the need for new functionalities, we will be ready to develop new versions of the application.