Content management solution

In the everyday work, company efficiency is challenged by the huge number of documents, whether these documents are in paper or electronic form. The complexity of the work process, number of employees in the process and number of documents involved is creating bottlenecks, decreasing efficiency and increasing operating cost.

Content management solution can help your company to :

  • Increase efficiency through collaboration
  • Protect company intellectual property
  • Decrease cost of operation related to management and storage of paper based documents

You know that you need content management system when:

  • Number of documents in your company is high and is increasing
  • Work processes are complex and involve many employees or external parties
  • Company has many geographically dispersed locations
  • There is a need to strictly control the flow of document through the company processes

Ineo is providing Content Management System that fits the needs of small and medium sized companies. The solution, “Business Connect” has rich set of features and supports most of the business needs right out of the box.